Escape from academia

Everything is all set and done.  Tomorrow morning, I can start selling dishtowels and mittens with triumph.  And now, at last, I can focus on other "stuffs."  Personally, I am looking forward to a more relaxed knitting and weaving atmosphere.

My hope is that Someday I might finish the pink and gold gloves to go along with a cowl I made, which turned out extremely beautiful.  Apparently I never put up pictures of this cowl, though I completed it over a month ago.  I believe that my thought was that I'd put pictures up of the cowl when I finished the gloves.  So, I suppose I will continue in my original thought and wait to draw back the curtain; I guess I will update on them again in another month....

If you fancy the weaving side more than the knitting, here is an update on a new plaid that I am constructing. It's not a very busy plaid, but it has one more color than my buffalo plaid dishtowels.  I plan on this towel to have a partner of a matching plaid, only the green and the cranberry will switch places.  I think it will be a very pretty set :)

Here are my mittens on my mitten rack.  This is the set-up with which I will present my mittens.  I am so excited!  This is such a weird, different, unique, unknown experience!  I am hoping it will turn out well.  My aunt and I will be decked out in aprons, standing proudly behind our finished goods.  I hope that fate (or a touch of curiosity) will bring you to us.  Mayhaps you will even be drawn to purchase!

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